Christopher Peacock is a wonderful designer and custom kitchen manufacturer which sold off his company to Smallbone, an English company in around 2008. With the hard economic times in the US and in Europe the English company was unable to grow the Christopher Peacock Brand but instead the company lost sales and revenues and eventually Christopher Peacock purchased back the company and is trying to introduce some new colors and styles to his well known White Kitchens.

Below is a sample of one of Christopher Peacocks beautiful kitchens:


(The information below is as accurate as possible. Please post to my blog if I have offended anyone with inaccurate information. )

Facts about Christopher Peacock Kitchens:

1. The cabinets are delivered to the project in parts and assembled in the homeowners home.

2. The Cabinet Doors are not available in a “raised panel” style.

3. The cabinets come to the home unfinished and then a high quality “Christopher Peacock Paint” is brushed on at the job site.

4. The cabinets come in a “Full Inset Style” and are not available in a Full Overlay Style. Beaded Faceframes are not available with this line of cabinetry.

5. The cabinets are available “only” with exposed hinges, concealed hinges are not an option with this cabinet line.

Many consumers are looking for a alternative to the Christipher Peacock line of Cabinetry. They can not afford the prices charged for these cabinets. Also, they are looking for a product that offers better solutiions to what educated consumers are looking for in a kitchen. There is another solution other than spending $100,000  or more for your kitchen cabinets.

There is a company that has perfected a similar style cabinet which can be offered for about 1/2 the price. They still maintain the high quality features of a Christopher Peacock Kitchen. Plus they offer more options than the Christopher Peacock Kitchens.

Here is a photo of an “Alternate” to the Christopher Peacock Kitchen:


These “Alternative Cabinets” have the following Advantages over the Christopher Peacock Line of Cabinetry:

1. They are custom made to order and are more customizable than the Christopher Peacock Line.

2. The “Alternate Brand” is much more affordable than the Peacock Line but without losing out on quality.

3. The “Alternate Brand” custom mixes their own paints and stains and therefore can paint or stain your cabinets any color requested.

4. The “Alternate Brand” also manufacturers their own line of “Custom Furniture” and therefore can assist clients with other areas of their home.

Below is a picture of a Custom Walnut Table Designed and built by the “Alternative Company”: 


5. The “Alternate Brand” can be shipped anywhere in the World. This company has already shipped their cabinets thoughout the US and also to Europe and are is the process of setting up dealers in other Countries and Continents.

6. The “Alternate Brand” is Painted with a high quality finish in their professional spray room. The custom cabinets are Fully Assembed and Shipped Assembled unless a specific request is made for an alterate method.

7. The “Alternate Brand” manufacturers Full Inset Cabinets and also Cabinets with Beaded Faceframes. Also, they manufacturer standard overlay cabinets and frameless cabinetry.

8. Also, the “Alternate Brand” offers Flat Panel Doors, Raised Panel Doors and Slab Doors and just about any door style imaginable.

9. The “Alternate Brand” also offers exposed hinges and concealed hinges. They also have an adjustable exposed hinge which is very usefull for door adjustments after settling and other environmental conditions take place.

10. The “Alternate Brand” also offers more finish options from dull, satin, semigloss and high gloss finishes.

11. The “Alternate Brand” can manufacture your cabinets out of any hardwood or softwood of your choice. Also, the “Alternate Brand” offers a full selection of Domestic  and Exotic Veneers.

12. The “Alternate Brand” has the most beautiful drawers in the industry. The Walnut drawer face is interlocked into the Maple sides which exemplifies the beautiful dovetail joinery. The Maple sides and Walnut face and rear are a Solid 5/8″ thick and the drawer bottoms are constructed of a full half inch thick Maple drawer bottom.

Below is a picture of the “Alternate Brand” Superior Drawer:


The “Alternate Brand” is in many ways a “Superior Brand” because it offers more options to the client and a “Superior Finish” because you won’t see any “Brush Strokes” but a beautifully Finished product to last for Generations.

Below is another picture of the “Alternate Brand” which was recently featured in a National Kitchen and Bath Magazine.


Here are a few more photos of the “Alternate Brand”:



The “Alternate Brand” may very well be a better choice but we will leave that up the the decision maker. For more information on the “Alternative Brand” please contact the Author of the Blog. Visit or call 1-877-808-8818.